I am thankful to LFG for all the work put in to create three videos and photography. We use the videos to show customers the process of fabrication in-store and at furniture shows, and they love it. The photo-shoot and interviews during production were well organized and very professional.


SANDRA PAOLA CONTRERAS, Unique Patio Creations Manager – Phoenix, AZ, USA

LFG es muy profesional. Estoy muy satisfecho y encantado con el trabajo de LFG durante todo el proceso de planeación, grabación y producción. La imagen de nuestro negocio creció mucho con el video y como ventaja ahora puede ser expuesta y competir en todo el país por medio de la web.

GABRIEL PEREZ NOSARI, Diseño & Vanguardia Manager – Queretaro, Mexico

These folks are fantastic. Giuseppe is now a good friend, and I’m glad I shared my story with him. He has done 7 different videos for me and my businesses, very professional and yet for me they are very close and personal. And for our guests it’s infomative and fun.

GARDNER KENT, Green Tortoise Hostel Owner- San Francisco, CA, USA

Our video was able to show the atmosphere of our clinic to families who have never visited us, and many have said that the video convinced them to trust us to take care of their children. I am pleased with the creative work from LFG, our video is fun and informative, and shows quality. Thank you.

WALTER VILLANUEVA, Kidiatric Dental Owner – Phoenix, AZ, USA

Thank you to LFG for directing and producing our adventure series proposal for TV. It was such an exciting and fun experience to work with you in this special project. I loved the outcome, and it served its purpose because the TV loved it too.

JEAN MARC VAYSSIER, 1010 Experiencias Owner – Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala