Video is everywhere!
Consumers are hungry for online content regardless of the industry. The global audio and video traffic combined is expected to reach 82% of all internet traffic by 2018 (Cisco).
For this reason, 93% of marketers are using video in their campaign, and 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business (ReelSEO). Clearly, video marketing works!
But, just how good is it?
Video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined (Diode Digital). Viewers remember your video better and are more likely to purchase, because it engages the visitor by talking directly to them. Video also reaches more places in the brain – utilizing visual, auditory & motor skills, while also appealing to emotion – making you more memorable. One minute of video is worth 2 million words!
So, how do you use your video? 
Whether you use a brief intro video, a short webmercial or a full length promotional video, video will make your brand stand out. Video can be used in lots of places, depending on what works for your brand and target audience. Most promotional videos are used on websites, social media/YouTube, display ads, mobile, and in emails.