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As one of the most effective forms of media communication, video has the power to capture and engage your targeted audience.

Video is everywhere! Consumers are hungry for online content regardless of the industry. The global audio and video traffic combined is expected to reach 82% of all internet traffic by 2018 (Cisco).
For this reason, 93% of marketers are using video in their campaign, and 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business (ReelSEO). Clearly, video marketing works!
But, just how good is it?
Video promotion is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined (Diode Digital). Viewers remember your video better and are more likely to purchase, because it engages the visitor by talking directly to them. Video also reaches more places in the brain – utilizing visual, auditory & motor skills, while also appealing to emotion – making you more memorable. One minute of video is worth 2 million words!
So, how to use the video?
Whether you use a brief intro video, a short webmercial or a full length promotional video, video will make your brand stand out. Video can be used in lots of places, depending on what works for your brand and target audience. Most promotional videos are used on websites, social media/YouTube, display ads, mobile, and in emails.


Español: ¿Por qué usar un vídeo?

¡El vídeo está en todas partes! Hoy en día, los consumidores quieren contenido en línea. Evidentemente, el vídeo es uno de los medios mas vistos en el Internet. Es por esto que el 93% de los negocios están utilizando el vídeo como herramienta en sus campañas promocionales, y el 82% confirma que el vídeo tuvo un impacto positivo en su negocio (ReelSEO). Claramente, la comercialización de vídeo funciona!
Pero, ¿qué tan bueno es? 
El vídeo promocional es 600% más eficaz que la impresión de anuncios y el correo directo juntos (Diode Digital). Quien vea tu vídeo se acordará de él. El video llega a más lugares en el cerebro – utiliza habilidades visuales, auditivas y motoras, mientras que también apela a las emociones. ¡Un minuto de vídeo vale 2 millones de palabras!
Y, ¿Cómo se utiliza el vídeo?
Un vídeo hará que destaques entre la competencia. El video se puede utilizar en muchos lugares, dependiendo de lo que funciona para tu marca y para tu mercado. La mayoría de los videos promocionales se utilizan en los sitios web, medios sociales / YouTube,  pantallas de anuncios, teléfonos móviles y en los correos electrónicos.


Corporate Markering Video

We work with you to develop a concept that will be both original and highly engaging to highlight the best of what your company has to offer, using action shots, motion graphics, interviews, the right music, sound and visual effects to deliver a promotional video which will excite your ideal target audience.

Trabajamos contigo para desarrollar un concepto que sea a la vez original e interesante para resaltar lo mejor que ofrece tu empresa, usando tomas de acción, gráficos en movimiento, entrevistas, la música adecuada, sonido y efectos visuales para entregar un video promocional que emocione a tu mercado.

Event Coverage Video

Magnify the impact of your next event with video. Event videos are the perfect way to show the world what you’ve been up to, to capture all the special moments of your life and share memories, to reach an audience that can’t attend, or to promote material.

Magnifica el impacto de tu próximo evento con un vídeo. Los vídeos de eventos son la manera perfecta de mostrar al mundo lo que has estado haciendo, de capturar todos los momentos especiales de tu vida y compartir recuerdos, y de llegar a un público que no puede asistir al evento, o para promover el material.

Internal Corporate Video

We work with you to develop and create internal videos for effective training, compliance, communicating your company’s mission to employees, presenting new projects or proposals, and more.

Trabajamos contigo para desarrollar y crear vídeos internos de formación, cumplimiento, comunicación, etc. para llevar la misión de su empresa a los empleados, la presentación de nuevos proyectos o propuestas, y mucho más.

Music Video

Your music and art can reach millions of new fans with the right exposure. We work with you to create a unique and creative video to make sure your image is loved.

Tu música y arte pueden llegar a millones de nuevos fans con la exposición correcta. Trabajamos contigo para crear un vídeo único y creativo para asegurar de que el publico ame tu imagen y tus creaciones.

Video Editing

We work with you in case you have some great video footage but not the editing knowledge experience, or time to turn it into the visual result you want. We can bring your material to life with the right editing and vision.

Trabajamos contigo en caso de que tengas gran material de vídeo, pero no la experiencia o conocimiento de edición para convertirlo en el resultado visual que deseas. Podemos darle vida a tu material con la edición y visión adecuada.

Still Photography

We also offer portrait, event, and commercial photography services. Create the perfect promotional campaign by adding professional pictures to your website, social media, printed media and more.

También ofrecemos servicios de fotografía comercial, para retratos, o eventos. Crear la campaña promocional perfecta añadiendo imágenes profesionales para tu sitio web, redes sociales, medios de comunicación impresos y más.

Motion Graphics Video

We work with you to create a video that is dynamic and engaging with information and moving images. Quality motion graphics video quickly grabs the viewer’s attention and delivers your message.

Trabajamos contigo para crear un video que sea dinámico y atractivo con información e imágenes en movimiento. El vídeo de gráficos en movimiento atrapa rápidamente la atención del espectador y transmite tu mensaje.

Documentary Video

We work with you to tell story. Perhaps you have a story or directing skills, but need a team to conduct the video production. We can help you create documentaries, films, trailers, exclusive reports, and more.

Trabajamos con usted para contar la historia. Tal vez usted tiene una historia o dirigir habilidades, pero necesita un equipo para llevar a cabo la producción de vídeo. Podemos ayudarle a crear documentales, películas, trailers, reportajes exclusivos, y mucho más.


Do you need a little help creating presence in the digital world? We work with you create or improve your website. Whether it is for a small business, project, event, personal website or blog, we help you reach your audience in a practical way.

Necesitas ayuda para hacer presencia en el mundo digital? Trabajamos contigo para crear o mejorar tu página web. Te ayudamos a comunicarte con tu público de una manera práctica ya sea para un negocio, un proyecto, un evento, un sitio web personal o blog.


These folks are fantastic. Giuseppe is now a good friend, and I’m glad I shared my story with him. He has done 7 different videos for me and my businesses, very professional and yet for me they are very close and personal. And for our guests it’s infomative and fun.

GARDNER KENT, Green Tortoise Hostel Owner- San Francisco, CA, USA

I am thankful to LFG for all the work put in to create three videos and photography. We use the videos to show customers the process of fabrication in-store and at furniture shows, and they love it. The photo-shoot and interviews during production were well organized and very professional.

SANDRA PAOLA CONTRERAS, Unique Patio Creations Manager – Phoenix, AZ, USA


Today is the age for web and digital expansion, but not only for the commercial sectors. We believe that cultures, beliefs, social movements, education, interconnections, and the arts are gaining the most strength from online accessibility. Film and multimedia and some of the greatest tools of communications in this case, and they are an art in itself, as they transmit any message by combining all our senses at once.

LFG Video is proud to be the creator of the project Art on the Road

Art on the Road is an art community meant to connect creative individuals, and offer the opportunity to share and showcase their work and abilities through a 3-4 minutes portrait video that tells their story, making their art accessible to the wider global audience to which they are otherwise unknown. Independent filmmakers are welcome to submit to the project by creating other artists stories and showing their own filmmaking creativity.


We are a fun, young and friendly team. We love what we do, and we go the extra mile to give each client quality, satisfaction, and image. Today we are based in Scottsdale, Arizona. But we produced videos in Italy, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Mexico and Guatemala. We specialize in producing corporate videos, industrial, marketing, training, live performance, real estate, live events, and web video production.

Giuseppe Lo Fiego


Graduated in Media, Marketing and Communication in 2005, with a Master in Video Production, I been working in the video industry for more than 10 years, 5 years in Italy, 1 year in Netherlands, 3 years in Australia and 3 years in the US. Started as Editor, I can visualize the final video product since I meet with the Clients, Understanding their needs and capturing the footage that I will need for editing the final video that convey the clients’s goal

Lourdes Contreras




Juan Loza is a renowned and highly accomplished Arizona-based digital photographer. His work has been published on a local and international level, receiving positive reviews and numerous interviews regarding his work, including Univision. His book “Vision of the Desert” captures the distinct tone of the majestic, fascinating, cruel, and beautiful landscape of the natural Southwest.

Juan’s work includes not only the desert landscapes that have become his masterpiece, but high fashion, advertising, portraits, and models for clothing campaigns and magazine shoots. His work has been featured in local galleries and news outlets, and his sharp eye and signature southwest flair are threaded throughout his eclectic and expansive body of work.


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